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Lead generation

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Reduce your customer acquisition costs

Finding qualified leads is the main challenge faced by business owners, but an important one, as lead generation will have a direct impact on the growth of your brand.

Lead generation has long been associated with a "cold calling" type approach where sales reps call up customers without their prior consent. This method, however, has suffered backlash for being too intrusive. With the advent of the world wide web, it is now much easier to find new prospects: potential customers will willingly fill out a contact form, giving you all the information you need to get in touch with them. Simple yet effective, this method will allow you to grow your business quickly.

Our proven methodology allows you to obtain a set number of leads at a fixed cost, with zero long-term commitment. We will also perform quality control checks to ensure that all leads come from targeted and serious customers.

Lead generation at a glance

  • 62

    62% of companies struggle with lead generation. Our approach will allow you to get instant results with minimal effort.

  • 97

    97% of people ignore cold calls. The leads you receive from us on the other hand will be happy to hear from you. We will give you qualified leads from potential customers wanting to be called, and they will have passed on their contact information with this very goal in mind. Since these prospects will be expecting you to get in touch, it will be much easier to close a sale.

  • 68

    68% of companies have difficulty identifying their sales funnel. This issue translates to poor lead qualification and ultimately to wasted company time and resources.

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