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Automated marketing and newsletters

Winning a new customer costs 5x more than keeping around an existing one. Leveraging a marketing automation and newsletter strategy allows you to stay in touch with your target audience and build customer loyalty.

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Maintain and convert your client base

Automated marketing and newsletters are an ideal way to effectively reach your customers with minimal effort. These tools allow you to tailor the messages you send to your customers based on their genuine interests, generating better results.

When someone agrees to give you their email address, they are sending a clear signal that they are interested in your business and want to find out more. Make the most of this opportunity to drive sales and build your audience's loyalty.


Automated marketing at a glance

  • 138

    A user who has received an offer via a newsletter spends 138% more than other users.

  • 77

    77% of businesses that use a newsletter or automated marketing strategy see a rise in their conversions.

  • 20

    Automated marketing will allow you to boost your productivity by more than 20%.


A springboard for your marketing strategy


In today's market, newsletters (email marketing) are truly a must-have part of your marketing strategy. They ensure a steady flow of communication with your clients and prospects. The goal here is to promote your products and services while driving your sales and website traffic.

Your newsletter can be sent at any stage of the customer relationship: not only at the information and conversion stage, but also post-purchase to ensure their long-term loyalty. The more you know about your audience and their buying cycle, the more you will be able to respond with information that is personalized to their needs.

Marketing automation

Generate more sales in a fraction of the time. The goal of automated marketing is to automate all the recurring actions that prompt your customers to purchase your products/services. Whether it's to welcome a new newsletter subscriber or to reactivate an abandoned shopping cart, we will set up a series of effective actions to boost your user conversion rate. This way, driving sales and retaining your customer base will be a breeze.

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