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We carefully select the clients we want to team up with, so that we can work with companies who are as driven as we are. If you're burning to see your business thrive, then you've come to the right place.

Who we are

We craft a tailor-made strategy to get you REAL results.

Our less-than-typical background sets us apart from other agencies. While our company is backed by over 7 years of combined experience in web marketing, the paths we took to get here are all very different. With a degree in accounting and an MBA in Strategy under her belt, Cynthia was able to create her own unique web marketing approach, centered around performance, data analysis, and getting the best result on investment, nothing less. After all, while a high-quality ad is good, a high-performing ad is always better.

As for Pier-Olivier, his background is also quite unique. As a building contractor, he has honed his craft in the realm of business development. He will quickly grasp your personal needs to offer you the optimal support package. As a duo, they’re unstoppable, drawing on their multi-sectoral expertise in real estate, retail, construction, sports, food, and more.
In a nutshell, we’re marketing geeks who’re crazy about success—especially yours.

Our promise, our values

Maximizing your ROI to help yourbusiness thrive


“How can I improve and make a difference everyday? We only offer you the very best when it comes to our business, and ourselves. “Today I will do better, today I will make a difference”—by making this our daily mantra, we can provide this level of excellence.


At Webize, there’s no beating around the bush—we’ll be upfront about our thoughts and ideas, and we’ll put authenticity first on the agenda to create a truly collaborative working environment.


The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with pitfalls, but thanks to our positive mindset, we’re quick to bounce back with new ideas to tackle issues head on.

Respect and equality

For us, every person and every project are on an equal footing. We strive to create a work environment based on trust and foster long-lasting partnerships.

Our team

A top team,
by your side


Web strategist, co-owner
Cynthia Girouard
Business development, co-owner
Pier-Olivier Gosselin
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Ask for a quote - Ask for a quote

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